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Top 9 Best Water Filters

Whole House Water Filters

1. WaterDrop - 3 Stage

Maximum-flow whole house water filtration system reduces 97% of chlorine at 2X the flow rate. Lasts 12 months, affordable and easy to DIY Install.


2. SpringWell System

Using ActivFlo filtration system it has a 4 stage proprietary design that allows the most contact time between the filtration media and the water. This means the water filter system has longer contact time through each stage of the filter media which removes more contaminants than any other system.

Springwell Whole House Water Filter
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3. ExpressWater - Ultimate          Protection

This Whole House System is designed to be easy to use and efficient. A filter set is good for up to 100,000 gallons or 6-12 months. Comes complete with a full filter set.

ExpressWater Whole house water filter

Under Sink Water Filters

1. WaterDrop - Ultrafiltration

6-stage filtration layers filter out most harmful substances larger than 0.01 μm. The 0.01 μm precise ultrafiltration membrane reduces chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals and more.


2. SpringWell - Reverse Osmosis

The Springwell Reverse Osmosis water filtration system is the perfect solution for filtering heavy metals such as lead, fluoride, and arsenic. Fits neatly under your kitchen sink and provides 75 gallons per day of treated water.

Springwell Reverse Osmosis under sink Water Filter

3. ExpressWater - Tankless RO        System

The high-end Model 6 Tankless RO System from offers a powerful 600 gallons of water per day filtration process complete with remineralization. You can enjoy the convenience of a continuous supply of clean, crisp, and healthy water straight from your tap.

express water under sink water filter

Counter Top Water Filters

1. WaterDrop - RO

Equipped with a 0.0001 micron RO membrane that eliminates harmful impurities often found in water, such as chlorine, antimony, arsenic, chemicals, and more.

2. ExpressWater - Countertop      Water Dispenser

The Countertop Water Dispenser offers a range of water temperatures to suit your preference. Enjoy effortless operation with intuitive touch panel controls, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

expresswater countertop water dispenser system.

3. ExpressWater - 5 Stage RO

No installation required. Simply plug in the water purifier, and you'll have purified water right away. By utilizing ExpressWater countertop water filtration system, you can achieve significant cost savings while actively contributing to the reduction of plastic waste.

expresswater 5 stage water filter system
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